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Early F-4B with VMFA-314, the Black Knights. The aircraft carries a centerline HIPEG 20mm gun pod & napalm bombs. Early F-4B with VMFA-122, the Crusaders. Shown with three HIPEG 20mm gun pods, a load unique to VMFA-122. Early F-4B with VMFA-251, the Thunderbolts. This Phantom carries four AIM-7E Sparrow air-to-air missiles. Early F-4B temporarily converted to a US Navy F-4G. Avionics were modified, and a camouflage paint scheme was tested. Close-up of canopy and intake area on the F-4G. Close-up showing detail on an AIM-9B Sidewinder missile and Zuni rocket pod. Close-up showing detail of exhaust section and tailhook. F-4B with VMFA-115, the Silver Eagles. This is the MAG 15 commander's aircraft. F-4B with VF-114, the Aardvarks. This Phantom is carrying MK 82 GP bombs on triple ejection racks (TERs). Close-up showing detail of radome and nose section. Close-up showing detail of MK 82 GP bombs and triple ejection racks (TERs). Close-up showing detail of vertical stabilizer. F-4B with VF-111, the Sundowners. Their shark-mouthed F-4s were the most photographed planes during the Vietnam War. F-4B with VMFA-321, the Hell's Angels. The squadron's Phantoms wore this colorful livery for the US Bicentennial.
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