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F-4J with VMFA-232, the Red Devils, during Vietnam. This Phantom carries Zuni rockets and MK 82 GP bombs. Close-up showing details of the MK 82 GP bomb on a multiple ejection rack (MER) and the Zuni rocket pod. Another F-4J with VMFA-232, the Red Devils, when they were based in Chu Lai, Vietnam. F-4J with VMFA-212, the Lancers. This F-4J is MigCAP-ready, with Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles, plus a centerline tank. Blue Angels #1, flown by Cdr. Bill Wheat, circa 1969. The flight demonstration team flew the F-4J from 1969 to 1974. Close-up of canopy and intake area on the Blue Angels F-4J. F-4J with VMFA-232, the Red Devils. The 1977 paint scheme of the Red Devils featured a red vertical stabilizer. Close-up showing detail of exhaust section, tailhook and the slatted stabilator. F-4J with VMFA-333, the Shamrocks. This is the only USMC F-4 with a MiG kill during the Vietnam war. F-4J with VX-4, the Evaluators. In 1975, this striking F-4J was repainted all black, and the tail bunny was updated.
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