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P-51D Mustang named 'Big Beautiful Doll,' flown by USAAF ace, Col. J.D. Landers. Cowl detail showing unshrouded exhaust stacks. Detail image of the empennage. Note the AN/APS-13 antenna array on the vertical stab. P-51D Mustang named 'Cripes A' Mighty,' flown by the USAAF top-scoring Mustang ace, Major George Preddy. Close-up image of the cowl and nose art. Detail image of the canopy area and cockpit. P-51D Mustang named 'Bunnie,' flown by Capt. Roscoe Brown of the Tuskegee Airmen. Detail image of the wing and radiator air inlet scoop. Detail image of the mid-fuselage. Service stencils have been rendered throughout. P-51D Mustang named 'Ridge Runner II,' flown by USAAF ace, Maj. Pierce McKennon. Note the single rear-view mirror. Close-up image of the cowl and nose art. Crash-landed Ridge Runner II. It was nearly identical to McKennon's next P-51D, 472308, bearing the same nose art. P-51D Mustang named 'Georgia Peach,' flown by Lt. Rocco Palumbo of the 52nd FG. Detail image showing the hand-lettered script on 'Georgia Peach.' P-51D Mustang flown by USAAF ace, Capt. Bob Karr, also of the 52nd FG. P-51D Mustang named 'Tangerine,' flown by Lt. Henry Pfeiffer, of the 357th FG. Detail image showing the cowl and nose art on 'Tangerine.'
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